Friday, November 22, 2013

Allied Shirts Review!

Have you ever seen those people walking around with custom t-shirts! I love a good custom shirt! So when I was given the opportunity to design and try my own shirt from Allied Shirts I was thrilled. I knew exactly what I wanted on my shirt, my blog logo! I love my logo it is bright and colorful and I figured when I wore my shirt it would give me the opportunity to talk about my blog! I can't wait to show you my shirt but first let me tell you a little about this super neat company!

About Us! We love T-shirts.

Concert T-shirts. College T-shirts. Funny T-shirts. Graphic T-shirts. Solid T-shirts. Striped T-shirts. Old T-shirts. New T-shirts. You name it...We wear them every day – and everywhere. To work. To the gym. To dinner. To clean the house. One guy at our office wanted to get married in a T-shirt.
T-shirts are an awesome way to let your personality out. To remember a special event (or remember an event that’s a bit hazy!). Or give your team some real spirit. It’s like putting our heart on your sleeve, er, chest. So we consider ourselves very lucky because we work for a T-shirt company. How awesome is that? We try to infuse every aspect of Allied Shirts with our love of T-shirts.
That’s why we’re proud to say that on Allied Shirts you’ll find:An easy-to-use design tool for making custom T-shirts A great selection of high-quality T-shirts at fair price. And, best of all… our personal commitment to the quality of your shirts Our team literally checks every shirt order that comes in for print quality and overall look. You never have to worry whether you uploaded the image incorrectly or if it will look great on a Tee. We'll check it over, and if necessary, fix it. We do all this by hand for every individual order. There is no T-shirt robot at our office that checks the T-shirts for us. (A T-shirt robot does sound kinda cool, though.)

What does this mean for you as our customer?

It means that your T-shirt order is going to come out right and look great. We guarantee it.
In fact, we'll bet our vintage Atari logo shirt on it. (You can see we’re serious.)
So thanks for using Allied Shirts for your T-shirts…and we sincerely hope that you love your shirts as much as we do!- Allied Shirts Team
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Now that you have learned a little about this company! I can tell your first hand that the customer service is wonderful. I customized my shirt with the simple to use directions and placed my order easily with a no fuss ordering system! I added my logo easily but I guess when I placed the order and they reviewed it the pixels of my logo got a little funny. I received an email within 48 hours of placing my order and with a little help from customer service we got it fixed and it is PERFECT! I went with a long sleeve gender neutral black shirt with my logo in bright green and purple! I have washed my shirt 5 times already with no shrinkage or fading! This is my new go to t-shirt for running errands! I know my readers will just love this company and would love to have a custom t-shirt!

Disclosure: Faith Filled Footsteps received this shirt free for an honest and full review of the above product and compnay. These opinions are mine and are not influenced in any way by the company!



  1. I love that it didn't shrink or fade!

  2. The shirt looks amazing. That you washed it five times and no fading, especially with it being black is amazing.