Friday, November 22, 2013

Dr. Doormat Giveaway! {Ends 11-30}

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Here is a product that I just absolutely find ingenious and completely from the heart! This has taken thought, preparation, and much research to come up with such an idea to help protect your family from allergens, toxins and pollutants that have the potential to cause your family harm.doormat
Dr. Doormat is the first antimicrobial treated doormat designed for home use. The mat is infused during the manufacturing process with a specially formulated antimicrobial treatment that permanently bonds to the fibers of the doormat and cannot be tracked through your home. The bottom of the mat is made from a blend of natural/sustainable and recycled rubber and the rubber nibs help prevent mat movement. No rubber trees are cut down in the production of Dr. Doormat. Instead, the natural latex is sapped from the trees. The entire surface is comprised of a high quality, luxurious, stain resistant (25%) recycled and virgin polypropylene yarn reducing waste on our planet. Made in the USA Sustainable, Reusable Allergy Friendly Washable (see care instructions) Two-year Manufacturer’s Warranty Surface area is made of the highest quality stain resistant (25%) recycled and virgin polypropylene fiber. Durable, flexible, industrial strength, rubber backing with molded rubber nibs reduces mat movement. Elegant bubble pattern acts like scrubbing brushes, scraping dirt and grit off shoes while removing moisture at the same time. I have the Dr. Doormat on my carpeted floor in front of our front door and I must say that most rugs you have to continuously move over and over again, this one does not slide around or move that is a HUGE! plus in my book for a Doormat! I also make sure that after the kids and friends take off their shoes I make them rub their socks on the Dr. Doormat as well! They don't realize that that they are protecting themselves by taking a little extra wipe! I also love that my Enzo (cat) likes to walk on it due to germs he might carry as well. We now know a little about Dr. Doormat and like I said a little here is a little bit about our fabulous Mom who took action to create such an antihero product. Her name is Debbie Estis Greenspan, A lifelong allergy sufferer herself, Debbie began researching ways to make her home environment as safe as possible for herself and for her growing family. What she found surprised her…and will probably surprise you too. She learned that up to 90% of the harmful toxins, pollutants and dirt that enter your house do so right on the bottom of your shoes! Just stop and think for a moment about all the places those soles of yours go in a single day. By the time you walk through that door, you are providing a red-carpet treatment welcome for an infinite number of harmful microbes from your office, your car, stores, your gym, public restrooms…the list goes on and on. But we think you get the point. inventor
I think this is her most informative statement that I really don't think many of us know: She has informed us and stated that she was shocked to find that dirt and “track-in” from our street shoes can cause cancer, developmental delays, learning disabilities, respiratory infections and a host of other diseases for all members of the family including our pets. I believe people have a right to know and as consumers, we deserve better. Armed with this new found knowledge, I felt a responsibility to take action. This led me to develop the best doormat ever -- beautifully crafted, easy to use, affordable and made with great thought and love. I have the chocolate brown mat and if I told you that this mat was anti-yuck you would never believe me! It's a very pretty and stunning brown that would match anything, There is also charcoal grey, autumn red, peacock blue! Gorgeous colors! colors
There are two sizes of Dr. Doormat, an apartment size, and a house size! They are very light weight and VERY DURABLE! RIGHT NOW! You can buy it before you win it all inventory right now is 50% off! Yes I said 50%! If you need a gift that is a gift that will keep giving the whole year, you have it right here at your doorstep! WHO WANTS A DEAL FROM 80's 4 LIFE AND DR. DOORMAT 50% OFF UNADVERTISED SPECIAL HERE ON HOUSE SIZE MATS WHAT A FABULOUS GIFT ORDER NOW THIS IS ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST YOU CAN GET A HOUSE SIZE FOR APARTMENT SIZE PRICE! FOR A LITTLE OVER 20.00 YOU START RIDDING YOUR HOUSE OF GERMS! There is no reason not to want this product, Made in USA, invented by a mom! Eco-friendly, go now while supplies last! If you order one let me know you will be put into a separate drawing for a very special prize! So hurry and order yours before the deal is off and fight those GERMS that linger especially in the Winter when you can't open up the house and air it out!
Where can you find Dr. Doormat? Here are some sites and stores!;; ;;; Available at Bed Bath and Beyond! See this item on QVC! Order on Dr. Doormats's Website as well!
  80's 4 Life was given a product to review for her own thoughts and views, there was no compensation. Dr. Doormat will be responsible for the shipment of the prize after the Rafflecopter is over.