Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beans Beans the Magical...........

I don’t know about most kids but my kids can be picky eaters and I have the hardest time getting them to eat things that are healthy.  Here is my trick for getting them to eat light and dark kidney beans and black beans. 

When I was little we made tacos with ground venison and old el paso taco seasoning. When I met my Hubby, his parents made Tacos with ground beef and dark red kidney beans with taco seasoning. This was totally new to me but I love it and even Sugar Bee loved it. 

About 10 year ago I started making it with both light and dark kidney beans it lightens the bean flavor and lets the seasonings come through.  This had become a family favorite. Around 2009 my sister stop eating meat and became a vegetarian and then I had to come with a new way to include her in meals when she eats with us. I started making it with light and dark kidney beans and black beans with the seasoning and no meat for her this was a hit! We soon adopted this mixture into our meat mix and to my surprise my kids don’t even seem to notice the beans and just dig into the tacos a weekly favorite in our house. Give it a try and see if it is a hit for you to.
I just add 1lb meat of choice 1/2 can of light and dark kidney beans and a whole rinsed can of black beans. The extra perk is that this makes it go farther its like using 2 pounds of meat!

What do you do to get your kids to eat healthy?
Remember to always have a Faith Filled Footsteps kind of day!

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