Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cozy Hugs Microwavable Aromatherapy Animal Giveaway!

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I hate it when my kids are sick. It seems like they have such a hard time sleeping, and not much seems to comfort them. This is why I was so happy to find Cozy Hugs. Cozy Hugs looks like a stuffed animal, but is really an aromatherapy warmer for kids.

Cozy Hugs Cow

These all carry the lavender scent, which is known for being a relaxing scent, great for bedtime. To heat these up, all you have to do is to place it in the microwave for less than a minute with a half a cup of water. The heat is great for aches and pains when your child has a cold, or even just for chilly nights. This never ending winter makes these a great item to have on hand. My daughter never wants to go to bed without it.

I found that these do stay warm for a nice long time. Usually long enough that my kids fall asleep. There has been a time or two where I have had to reheat it, but those are few and far between.
I do need to be more careful than I usually would with my kids stuffed animals. This cannot be tossed in the washer, so I am always careful to make sure my kids are not eating around it, and that they have clean hands and faces when they are feeling like cuddling with it. When cleaning, I just wet a cloth and spot clean it so as to not get it completely soaked.

These plush animals are so soft, which makes them nice and cuddly. They are heavier than a normal stuffed animal, about a pound in weight. The weight is nice, though, if your little one (or you!) have an ache or pain to soothe. 

We are going to be giving one of these to one of our lucky readers!  Or if you just can’t wait, you can find them here. Good luck to everyone!

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