Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wreath Obsession!

To say I love wreaths is probably an understatement. They are super expensive so I had to start making my own so I want to share my new Spring wreath.

Tulip Love

What you need:
Twig wreath 12' or 24' whichever you prefer this one is 24'
30 tulips give or take a few
burlap ribbon 3'
metal floral wire
hot glue gun

To start you need to take your burlap ribbon and fold it over four times for the underside ribbon take wire and twist in the middle. Do this again but 3/4 the length of the first riboon bundle wrap with wire. Fluff and attach to wreath.
I started going up first. I cut each tulip to the desired lenght and hot glued each tulip seperatley to secure them tightly.  Continue to add one tulip at a time until you get around the top of the wreath. Please excuse my nasty craft towel I hate to get hot glue everywhere!
Next go down continue to cut and hot glue each tulip around the bottom alternating colors and leaves.  I attached the leaves seperatley from the flowers to cover any spots that are less than lovely.
Once you have all the tulips on take the ribbon and hot glue it under the bow and go around covering any icky spots with ribbon until you get the desired coverage and look.
Make a hanger from the wire floral ribbon to hang your wreath do not hang the wreath on the twigs they will snap.
Hope you love your wreath as much as I love mine.
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  1. Sarah, what an adorable spring wreath to hang on your front door. My sister asked me to make a spring wreath for her & I think I'll follow your instructions. Thank you.

  2. This may sound crazy but I have always been intimidated by crafts. But I have always wanted to make a wreath and you make it seem so easy. Maybe I just need to try it!

    Erin K. (