Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sewing 101

To say that I am a great sewer is probably a silly statement.  I can sew and I do but I am by no means a seamstress. I love the thrill of making something by hand but I am not wonderful at it. I have the basics. So I thought I would share what I made for my son this week. He has a Mickey Mouse little kids couch that he loves to pull in front of the television and watch cartoons or play Nintendo DS with his sister, they both cram onto this couch and snuggle up. The only problem with this couch is that when you fold it out to a lounger the back is not really sturdy and needed something. So I decided to make a nice fluffy pillow for them to use. I looked for months for Mickey fabric that was bright and fun and I just never found any so I ended up making a construction pillow another thing my son loves trucks!

What you will need:
1 yard fabric (Wash it first)
Matching thread
Sewing Machine


I measured the back of the couch and decided what size pillow I would need. It just happened to be the same size of the packaging of stuffing I bought (Lucky Me!).  I took the fabric and folded it over making the fabric inside out. You would then measure the size of the pillow you want if you want to make a round pillow you can use a dinner plate or bucket to get the right shape remember to add 2 inches to each side to leave room to stitch the pillows together. I just used the package of stuffing since it was the perfect size. 

Once you have it measured out you then pin it all the way around to help hold it together as you sew.
Hopefully you have a sewing machine and basically know how to use it. If not you can hand stitch the pillow but it will take a lot of stitching. Thread your machine and start at one end. When I make a pillow I use one continuous stitch when I get the corners I just lift the foot and switch directions of the thread. Remember to leave about 2 inches at the end open to stuff all the stuffing in.

 Once you have it stitched remove it from the machine and turn inside right.  Stuff the amount of stuffing need to make the pillow extra fluffy.  The stuffing will flatten over the time so the more the merrier.
Once you have your pillow filled you then need to stitch closed the stuffing hole you can either do this by hand I prefer to use my machine and double stitch it closed to make sure it stays tightly closed. Then enjoy your handy work!
Little Man love his new pillow!

Remember to have a Faith Filled Footsteps kind of day!

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  1. Great pillow project and what a cute fabric for boys. I'm sure your son was thrilled to receive it.