Sunday, May 12, 2013

Microwave Love

So a few months ago we purchased a “new to us” house.  The house was built in 1996 and the appliances scream 90’s. We have made a lot of upgrades to the house like paint and light fixtures but the kitchen needed some work. We replaced all of the door handles with beautiful stainless steel knobs the old ones were cream and NASTY dirty!
I read an article this past week about appliances that turn themselves on and how they are a fire hazard and should be removed or replaced immediately.  That was truly frightening to me so this had to be resolved ASAP! So we decided to tackle the microwave that seems to have a mind of its own. It turns itself on and stops working when you need to use it. I am not a huge micro waver but when I want to use it the thing it really needs to work. I have no patience for things that don’t do the job they are intended for.

So off to Lowes we went and found a really nice Samsung microwave in Stainless Steel. We got a good deal, over the stove microwaves are really expensive the cheapest being 175.00 to the most expensive I saw 699.99 (YIKES!). We spent around 250.00 and got all the thing I wanted a spinner thing inside, a good fan and light so I can see what I am cooking on my stove an essential as far as I was concerned.


It took us about 2 hours to install this but the directions are super easy. The hardest part was taking out the old microwave this took forever. Whoever installed this bad boy was clueless or lazy and my Hubby said he was surprised it hadn’t fallen off the wall!
Once we got the old one off they give you this handy little template for the new one you just tape in into the hole and drill the holes in the indicated spots and hang the new microwave as directed. Super dummy proof if you have a stud finder and a drill you can do this all by yourself. If not, Lowes charges about 100.00 to install for you and haul away the old one!
Remember to have a Faith Filled Footsteps kind of day!


  1. I never did find a microwave that had a decent light under it. That's the worst thing about having a microwave over the stove. I hate mine.