Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthday Wreath!

As you know I love me some wreaths! I saw this one at Michael's recently and they wanted $90.00 for a 12 inch wreath! FORGET THAT! I made this one for about $25.00 and it is 16 inches and just wonderful for my sons upcoming birthday party! I did peak at the one at Michael's to see how they did it and I changed mine a bit to make it super easy!
What you need:
12-16 inch Styrofoam wreath
Roll of birthday streamer
250 stick pints
250 balloons in the colors of your choice
Ribbon to hang wreath
Multi-color pipe cleaners
Take your wreath base and wrap in the birthday streamer covering the whole wreath twice to make it pretty. My daughter helped with this it made it super easy to wrap neatly with 4 hands. You will see part of this wreath underneath the balloons so make it neat and tidy.
Once you have your wreath wrapped pin the loose streamer down. Then take your balloons and in a random pattern fold them in half and push a pin in the middle and stick them to the covered wreath. This is the hardest part. My fingers hurt after all the stick pins remember to make it full. I just covered the front of mine it looked good as long as I pinned the balloons close to the edges!

Next take a pencil and wrap the pipe cleaners around them creating a springy effect. Leave enough of a tail on the pipe cleaner to push into the wreath! This is why I wrapped it in streamers instead of ribbon. The ones at Michael's were wrapped in ribbon and then you had to try and pin a pipe cleaner (NOT EASY!) but with the streamers the pipe cleaners pushes right through in the Styrofoam. Fluff to desired fullness.

You can either wrap the ribbon hanger over the balloons or you can leave a blank spot and hang the ribbon and then go back and cover with balloons this is what I did!

This was super easy and I just know it will be a hit! Let me know how yours turn out!


  1. This balloon wreath is so cute! How long did it take to do? And how much do 250 balloons cost? You did a great job on the chenille stem twirlies.

    1. It took about an hour my daughter helped. It cost about 25.00-30.00 for everything I used dollar store ballons since I wasn't blowing them up. It is super easy and makes a huge statement. Everyone loved it!

  2. I know that I commented on this wreath already, but I just have to say that you gave such a thorough explanation of all of your steps that I am going to put this on pinterest as my favorite tutorial. Thank you for your mission of helping others.