Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cheeky Kumquat Giveaway

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With Father’s Day right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about the fathers in my life that I want to honor. With that in mind, I went searching for the perfect Father’s Day card, but sometimes I feel like I just can’t find that certain something in a store. I found CheekyKumquat on Etsy and she generously sent me some cards to review and to share with you guys!

The first man in every girl’s life is their dad. Mine has always been there for me, even in my teenage years, when I can admit, I was kind of a brat. This card from Cheeky Kumquat was perfect for telling him how much I love and appreciate him, but with a sense of humor!

The other man in my life is of course, my handsome husband. We enjoy a sense of humor with each other, which is what made this card perfect for him. 

Of course, when you order something online, you never really know what you are going to get. Will the item match the description? Will it look like it did in the picture? It can be nerve wracking when you are spending your money on something you haven’t had a chance to hold and see.

Well, I can set your minds at ease! These cards look exactly the way they did online, if not better. It is definitely a professional product. While there is a “cheeky” message on the cover, the insides are left blank for you to put your own personal mark on the cards. The envelopes are a dark grey, which with a card placed inside, does not show through.

When the cards arrived in the mail, I was a little worried, as we had just been experiencing a downpour. I just knew that the cards would be wet and ruined. It turns out that I didn’t need to worry at all, as both cards were sealed in a plastic sleeve, which protected them from any rain. There was also a helpful reminder for the post office to “Do Not Bend” ensuring your item arrives in pristine condition.

In talking with Rain from Cheeky Kumquat, I learned that she truly runs a family business. The ideas for the cards come directly from conversations with her husband, and her daughter likes to help with stamps. In fact, the “Thanks for still loving me despite what bearing your children did to my body” card came from something she actually said to her husband! Sounds like they have a fun time, doesn’t it?

While customers usually have their cards mailed directly to them, Cheeky Kumquat is also more than willing to send a card directly to its recipient. This is so helpful for a scatterbrain like me, who even when I buy a card on time, it usually sits on my desk for a week or two. This way, the card is sent out within a day or two of purchase. At just $4 per card, this is a real bargain!

Cheeky Kumquat is generously offering a prize of a pack of 5 cards to one winner. The cards are to be the winner’s choice, so you could choose 5 different cards or 5 of the same cards.  It’s up to you! Enter to win!

*I received a product to sample in exchange for my honest review


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