Sunday, June 30, 2013

Laundry The Old Fashioned Way!

A few months ago I had my hubby install me a clothes line. Now when my mom heard this I think she thought I had lost my marbles (LOL!). I didn't and it wasn't my hubby's idea, it was mine. So we headed off to Home Depot and found these really neat retractable clothes lines and my awesome hubby installed them on my covered porch. No bird ickies on my clothes! They are really neat you pull them across and tie them off to use them they stay tight and don't droop. When you are done you just untie them and the roll back up into the spool and they are out of sight!

What started this clothes line idea well I heard that the dryer is one of the most expensive appliances to run and I run mine daily. We are a family of four and the laundry is just a never ending thing! So I figured that if maybe a few times a week if I could skip the dryer and let God's dryer do the work we might save a few bucks. Well here are the results I have managed to use my clothes lines a few times. Every time I go to hang clothes it rains and clothes don't dry in the rain. Nevertheless I have persevered and used that line. Our monthly bill decreased the first month by $60.00 and the next month even with us running the a/c daily my bill was $28.00 less so I guess it is making a difference. I hope to use my lines more this summer now that it is not raining daily! What do you do to save a dime?

Remember to have a Faith Filled Footsteps kind of day!

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