Friday, June 28, 2013

Making it NEW!

I am not a keeper of things! But in this case I knew that this old table could be redone and reused by my younger child!
When my daughter was younger she received a table and chair set from her Nana and Pap and man did she use that table. It was well loved and well used! This was a hot pink table and chairs with Princess pink and silver print! Now my son is not a fan of hot pink and princess so we set out to redo this set to make it a little more boy friendly!
I started off by taking the cover off the table and chairs and cleaning them.  Then scrubbed down the frames and found a spray paint for metal.
 We used Krylon in a dark satin blue. Blue is my favorite color so I use it a lot! It took 3 coats of the spray paint to cover the original hot pink paint.
The first coat made the set look purple so a few coats was necessary to get the beautiful blue I wanted. But it turned out wonderful. Trick to spray painting don't get to close and use wide sweeping motions so you don't get drips and blotches!
Now to tackle to cover and seats. This original table cover had a few holes in it and needed some love. I decided that fabric would be the best cover for the old table. I found a really cute and inexpensive fabric at my local Walmart. It was about $3.00 for the yard of fabric and then I found a pack of craft vinyl to cover the fabric for a total cost of $5.00!
All you need to do is lay the item your are covering face down and pull the fabric snug over the item and using a heavy duty stapler staple the fabric securely down.
I used a hammer to make sure the staples are in all the way and flat! Once all the pieces are covered in fabric I do the same thing with the vinyl.
Then finally you just assemble it all back together and you have a brand new table and no one will ever know it was a hot pink princess table and not a super cute blue robot table and chairs!
What do you have in your basement that needs to be reused and redone! I know I have a few more things to tackle and I can't wait to move onto the next one!

 Remember to have a Faith Filled Footstep kind of day!



  1. Looks great!! I love how you gave it a whole new look!

  2. This is beyond awesome! I see these little table sets at yard sales all the time.I will pick up the next one I find and try to make it as cool as yours! Such a great idea!

  3. That is awesome. I really love the robot fabric.

  4. There are so many things in my home that I could repurpose and make "new" again. I am just not crafty enough to do it. However, this post gave me some confidence. It doesn't take much to improve things. I absolutely love the fabric you used for the table. I have two boys who would love it too!

    Erin K. (

  5. I love to redo items especially for the kids and this came out just so cute. You could never just buy one like this it makes it so special that you did it for them.

  6. I need to know how to use spray paint! I think I get too close to the item I'm painting. I may tackle the project I have the stuff for. You have inspired me! Vicki.

  7. Wow! Seriously impressed. I've tried to spray paint before (a old vanity) but it ended up looking AND FEELING awful. It had this uneven color and it felt like I spackled it. It was not pretty! Your table is so cute!

  8. A very creative way to recycle and reuse.