Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pig Pickin' Cake

This is my favorite summer cake and when it starts to warm up I start dreaming about this yummy moist and very summery cake.
Pig Pickin' Cake
All you need:
Yellow Cake Mix
15 oz. can of Mandarin Orange
15 oz. can Crush Pineapple
Cool Whip
3 oz. pack of Instant Vanilla Pudding
Take yellow cake mix add to mixer along with eggs and oil as directed by the box. Mix together. Drain can of Mandarin oranges set aside juice to use later ( if you don't know what Mandarin oranges are they are the little ones pictured below). Add oranges to the mix. Measure out the set aside orange juice in the amount of the water called for on the box and add to the mixer. Beat mixture until oranges are mixed into little lumps in the mixture. Bake as directed on the box may take a little longer this is a wet and dense cake mix.

While the cake is baking. Mix together a container of cool whip, dry vanilla instant pudding until well blended. Drain can of crushed pineapple and add well drained pineapple to cool whip mixture ( I drink the drained juice it is so yummy!). Blend well this will be thick icing. Store in the fridge until cake is ready to be topped.

Once cakes cools COMPLETELY ice with icing. Some people enjoyed toasted coconut on top! Keep this cake in the fridge until totally gone!
Hope you love this cake as much as I do!

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