Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cheating Cheerwine Cake

Sometimes at the last minute I find out we are having guests for dinner and I like to have a cake or pie when this happens. This cake is my have no time to run to the store cake. I almost always have all the stuff to make this cake in my pantry.
All you need is a can of soda, a standard box cake mix, oil and eggs. This cake is by no means good for you and is not all natural it is the EMERGENCY cake!
My Father-in-law is from the South (North Carolina to be exact!) and they have this soda called Cheerwine you can't get in here in WV, but sometimes you can at the Walmart in Virginia. My family loves this soda it is cherry flavored and works really great in this cake. I have used white, yellow and chocolate cake with this recipe and I like the chocolate one best but they are all good!
This is all you need to do. Take a standard cake mix, add the eggs and oil as directed. For the water substitute it with the soda of your choice. Mix  this cake is very frothy so be careful when mixing and bake. Easy right! The soda flavors the cake so if you do a cherry soda it is a cherry cake. You can do this with lemon lime, cherry, grape, root beer almost any soda will work!
A bit of advice soda makes a very sweet cake so I use a bundt pan and either add whipped cream or use a dusting of powdered sugar and you have a super easy after dinner treat!

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