Thursday, June 13, 2013

Corn the Lazy Way!

My family loves corn on the cob but in the summer time I hate to use my stove. If I can I cook it on the grill I do. Including my corn.
A few years ago I decided to make corn on the grill. Now on the web you can find a million ways to cook corn but I have found the easiest way ever. All you do is preheat the grill on high to clean all the old gunk off! Once it is clean and hot turn the grill down the medium and add your corn. Don't shuck it don't bother to soak it literally just drop it on the grill! It will start to char on the outside!

 Once it starts getting dark just remember to turn it. Once it has cooked on medium for 25-30 minutes and is good and charred on the outside remove it.
Now its gonna be hot but now is the time to shuck it! I take a super sharp knife and cut about a 1/2 inch above the part that was connected to the plant. Then squeeze the top and the corn will start to come out. Sometimes you will get one that won't squeeze you then just peel all the skin off!

This makes the corn super yummy, the silks come right off and you didn't have to wait for a pot of water to boil!


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