Friday, June 14, 2013

Rubbermaid Sale & United Way!

If and when I can I support American made, local business and charities! I feel this is my duty as an American.

So when I heard about the local Rubbermaid factory having a damage sale to support local charities I was all over this. It turns out the local factory takes all of its slightly off specs or damaged items and the last Saturday of every month they set up at the local mall and sell all the stuff at SUPER low prices and give that money to a local charity. Well as far as the frugal giving mommy in me was concerned this was a win win!

The last Saturday in May (it happened to be freezing it was a whopping 46 degrees BRR!) my hubby and his mom and dad the kids and I all packed up in the car and ran down to the sale. They set up all the stuff in the parking lot and rope it off. You can try and look from 7-8 and then a 8 am it becomes a free for all. They have all kinds of stuff garbage cans, bins, garden carts, kitchen spatulas, mops, dusters, toilet bowl brushes. Every month they have different stuff. I got toilet bowl brushes for a buck my hubby got a HUGE outdoor rolling trash can for less than half price! It is awesome!

Check and see if your local factories do this and go check it out! We will be going back every few months to check out the goodies! Good Luck!

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