Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Farmers Market Day!

My kids love fresh fruit and there is no better place to get fresh fruit than a local farmers market. We are truly blessed to have one about 10 miles from our home. Orr's Farmers Market is a wonderful place that offers year round fruit, veggies, bakes good, and some local meats. They are offer prepackaged fruits or pick your own.

My kids love to pick fruit themselves. There is just something fun about running through the rows of fresh fruit picking your own selection of yummies.
So on the first official day of summer for my daughter we headed out to Orr's and picked us some beautiful strawberries and we plan to go back in the next few weeks for blueberries and cherries!
We got really lucky with the weather today it was 75 and breezy with no humidity! It was a gorgeous day and we had a blast. So find your local farmers market and take your kids.
Teach them where the food comes from and support a local business!


  1. Great idea for a little outing! I need to find some pick-your-own places around here!

  2. I like the last comment you made on your post Farmer's market day: Teach them where the food comes from & support a local business. And while teaching our kids where the food comes from we should also be letting them know that farmers, business people, restaurant owners work hard to earn their money and we need to respect their property.